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  • Organize and coordinate the work on health and safety in the Company.
  • Participate in the development and control the operation of Occupational Safety Management System in the Company in accordance with state labor protection regulatory requirements, with the Company goals and objective, the recommendations of intergovernmental and national OSH.
  • Identify and correct directions of occupational risks management in the Company based on the monitoring of legislation changes and best practices in the field of Occupational Safety and Health, as well as on the basis of the modernization of equipment and the Company goals and objectives.
  • Establish monitoring the Company structural units compliance with the regulation requirements on occupational safety and health by performing works to prevent occupational accidents and occupational diseases and implementing of measures aimed at creating healthy and safe working conditions and providing workers compensations set on working conditions.
  • Ensure the workers are informed about the state of working conditions and safety in the workplace, on existing occupational risks, on worker’s compensation for the hard and/or harmful work and/or hazardous working conditions and other special conditions and on personal protective equipment, as well as on measures of protection the workers from exposure to hazardous and harmful factors.
  • Establish control over the timeliness and completeness of providing the company employees with special clothes, footwear and other personal protective equipment.
  • Establish control over the state and serviceability of individual and collective protection equipment.
  • Identify the need for workers training in the field of labor protection based on government regulations of labor protection and labor safety requirements established by the rules and regulations. Control worker briefings (introductory, primary, recurrent, exceptional, target) on safety.
  • HSE Manager shall oversee the implementation of the Company occupational safety budget and assess financing effectiveness in terms of achieving its goals and objectives.
  • Develop proposals to improve the effectiveness of measures of improving conditions and safety.
  • Exercise control over the use of funds for the implementation of measures to improve conditions and safety.
  • Take part in the work of the special working conditions evaluation commission, organize interaction of the special evaluation commission members of the of the working conditions established in the Company, as appropriate.
  • Establish and participate in the work of picking up workers subject to mandatory preliminary and periodic medical examinations, pre-trip (aftertrip) and pre-shift (after shift) examinations.
  • Provide guidance to the Company structural unit heads in developing new and revising existing regulations on labor protection, as well as in drawing up training programs for employees on safe working methods.
  • Establish work on technical specifications preparation for performance of services in the field of labor protection, supply of personal and collective protection equipment, as well as the assessment of individual and collective protection delivery proposals received from the suppliers.
  • Start and participate in the investigation of accidents at work and occupational diseases, analyze causes of injury and occupational diseases and implement of measures to prevent them.
  • Develop of measures to enhance the employees’ motivations in improving conditions and safety.
  • Along with the Company other structural units the Manager shall start and participate in development of plans and programs of improving conditions and safety, eliminating or minimizing the occupational risks
  • Start and control timely preparation and submission of reports on the prescribed form.
QHSE Supervisor
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