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  • В городе Nefteyugansk
  • Опыт работы более 1 года
  • Занятость полная занятость


  1. Supposed to know techology of work, lab equipment and operations procedure, technical requirement to materials and finished products.
  2. Supposed to know guiding, regulatory and reference documents pertaining to work subject; methods of analysis, tests performance and other research; operating standards and technical requirements for developed technical documentation, paper work
  3. Check quality of using materials(proppants and chemical additives) on compliance certificate of quality from customers
  4. Timely report the lab manager about defects and prepare related document
  5. Sign all container after unpacking
  6. To be on loading and unloading chemical, check supporting documentation, keep track of lot numbers.
    • unpacking date
    • Frac fleet number
    • Surname unpacking operator
    • Surname of  laboratory engineer to attend and control the «unpacking»
    • The volume / mass «unpacked»
    • The name «unpacked»
    • allowed for work / Disposal / return / (write right)
  7. To check water and other materials (chemical additives, proppant) on service ability on frac  in accordance with API and customers regulations.
  8. Control of quality frac fluid or other stimulation fluids and proppant mixes which used in works for oil recovery improvement (water, linear gel, crosslinked gel, mix with proppant).
  9. Timely provide supervisor of customers all necessary documentation about using equipment, chemical and  additives,calibration fluid
  10. Sample frac fluid at the time of frac jobs on each stage or as much as stage time permits, placement of technological transport and formation of multiple well platform
  11. Maintain clean and tidy in a field laboratory, transfer of equipment to the transport position in time, and also to enter that into operation (before operating equipment to keep switched on for at least 20 minutes, all of the reagents must be heated to need level )
  12. Provide the accuracy and timeliness of filling corporative forms assess the quality of work, or any other specific form set by the customer.


  1. High education, chemistry’s expirience more 1 years
Laboratory specialist

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